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Products - Specialty Appliances

Thermo-lock Splint 


  • Superior Fit
  • No Clasps
  • Ease of Insertion
  • No need for Relines
  • Adjustment Free Retention
  • Thermo-Lock Fit, Flex’s to Undercuts
  • Patient comfort and Compliance
  • Minimal or No Tissue Contact
The Ultimate in Patient Comfort

Hard Acrylic 

Information regarding these products is coming soon.

Anti-Snoring Appliances

"SYNERGY" Anti-Snoring Appliance

Designed by Orthomania, this adjustable oral appliance was conceived with patient comfort in mind. The available adjustment was intended to establish the proper mandibular advancement necessary to eliminate snoring with a simple wrench activated screw. The addition of our custom made "stress Breaker" offers slight but effective lateral and vertical freedom. The use of an orthodontic resin allows us to fabricate a dainty yet durable appliance. The use of mechanical retention leaves us with plenty of options for a stable appliance.

"SYNERGY II" Anti-Snoring Appliance

Once the proper mandibular position is established, Patient comfort is increased by removing the screw and replacing it with an attachment that does not protrude between the lips. Realigning the occlusal surfaces to the proper mandibular advancement position also increases stability and durability.

TMJ Appliances 

Information regarding these products is coming soon.

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A.L.F. Appliances

Advanced LightWire Functional

Othomania is a Certified A.L.F. Laboratory. Innovation is the way of the marketplace and the ALF/Lightwire appliances represent a major innovation in TMJ and Orthodontic therapy. [ read more... ]

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Footprints Designs is a home-based business that was founded through inspiration of our own children. We specialize in capturing three-dimensional, life-like impressions of your child's feet and/or hands. [ visit site ]
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