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Orthomania is looking for an experienced Orthodontic Technician.

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Fixed Appliances

Indirect Bracketing - Above View Indirect Bracketing - Frontal View

Active Appliances

Banded HAAS Thermal Expander

Thermal Expander PRE- Above Thermal Expander PRE - Frontal View




Not only do we employ quality people we use the highest quality materials.
Experience has taught us that expert appliance design and fabrication is not enough. We must also custom design our laboratory services to the needs of the individual practitioner.


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A.L.F. Appliances

Advanced LightWire Functional

Othomania is a Certified A.L.F. Laboratory. Innovation is the way of the marketplace and the ALF/Lightwire appliances represent a major innovation in TMJ and Orthodontic therapy. [ read more... ]

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Footprints Designs

Footprints Designs is a home-based business that was founded through inspiration of our own children. We specialize in capturing three-dimensional, life-like impressions of your child's feet and/or hands. [ visit site ]
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