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A.L.F.Innovation is the way of the marketplace and the ALF/Lightwire appliances represent a major innovation in TMJ and Orthodontic therapy. ALF/Lightwire appliances are custom designed and capable of correcting, not only the various types of malocclusion, but also cranial base and cranial distortions present in the chronic pain, TMD type patient.

With the A.L.F. appliance and a little knowledge of cranial concepts, dentists now have the capability of aligning the maxillae (cranial base) and correcting cranial distortions. Designing appliances just to correct teeth, when cranial base and other distortions exist, is really treating the symptom rather than the underlying cause! The A.L.F. appliance is based on the Arndt-Shulz Law: "Weak stimuli increase physiological activity and very strong stimuli inhibit or abolish activity. The A.L.F. appliance virtually eliminates the need for multiple appliances, it can be modified during later stages of treatment to meet specific needs. Such examples are: and others.


Some of the basic advantages of A.L.F. Appliances include:  

OMNI Appliances

OMNIThe OMNI appliance has been adapted from the A.L.F principle of Lightwire forces. It has been designed to facilitate premaxillary development. Without the bulk of conventional acrylic appliances. The OMNI is very effective for class iii reverse pull cases.

The upper and lower OMNI appliances are easily modified to accommodate a lip bumper, occlusal pads, class II or II elastics, and to correct cross bites.

OMNI II Appliances

The Omni II was the first designed to correct severe class II open bites. An amazing design that is more effective than most other appliances for amndibular repositioning. The design allows maximum tongue space due to the repositioning rakes on the buccal of the appliance.

This appliance allows for minimal lateral motion and unlimited opening and protrusive motions. by changing the rake angle, the OMNI II is one fo the most effective sleep apnea devices available. The OMNI II version of the snoring appliance is called the NOR-Snore.

N-Sagital Appliances

N-SagitalThe N-Sagittal is used in cases that require more stability and posterior anchorage than standard A.L.F. appliances. This appliance will effectively Unlock the premaxilla.

The N-Sagittal Twin Block is the A.L.F. version of the popular Twin Block. The Omega loops allow for rapid un-locking of the pre-maxilla while the twin blocks keep the anterior open for clearance. This appliance is excellent for class II Div II cases and for TMJ treatment as well.

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A.L.F. Appliances

Advanced LightWire Functional

Othomania is a Certified A.L.F. Laboratory. Innovation is the way of the marketplace and the ALF/Lightwire appliances represent a major innovation in TMJ and Orthodontic therapy. [ read more... ]

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